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“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog”. – Sidney Jeanne Seward

Mac 7weeks.jpg
Mac 2years.jpg
Mac 8years.jpg
Mac 8yearsold.jpg

BOSS CanCH Fortress Hard To Be Humble - "Mac"

Mac is the closest I’ve come to recreating his grandma Monet. I see so much of her when I look at him, that it’s no wonder he has carved out such a deep place in my heart.

Mac had a lovely show career, with plenty of Best of Breeds, Best Bred By Groups, Best Opposite Sex at the 2018 National Specialty, Best Veteran in Specialty Sweeps 2022 – but he lives to just be a regular dog, playing with his toys, napping on the couch and chasing his favorite ball around the yard. He loves to be snuggled and fussed over, and drops in an instant for a belly rub.

He is still very much a puppy at heart, which makes it hard to believe that he will be 9yrs old this June 2023!! He will spend his retirement being spoiled rotten, as always.

Stella 8weeks.jpg
Stella 5months.jpg
Stella 15months old.jpg
Stella 7years.jpg

Fortress To The Moon And Back - "Stella"

Stella is the result from a repeat of the breeding that produced our Mac. Her importance is immeasurable, with her being the only female I have that is a direct descendent of Brooke and Monet. Stella is an exceptional girl, with a phenomenal temperament and beautiful structure. Certainly one of my favorite Mastiffs produced here. However, the timing never worked in her favor for getting her into the ring, or bred – which is one of my biggest regrets throughout my breeding career. As fate would have it, Stella did end up producing a lone male puppy when she was 6yrs old – our Archie.

I’m grateful beyond words to have something to carry forward from this lady. Stella will be turning 8yrs old this June 2023 – and will continue to enjoy ruling this house, and everyone in it for what we pray will be many, many years to come.

Gryffin 8weeks.jpg
Gryff 14months.jpg
Gryffin 3years.jpg
Gryff 6th bday.jpg

Fortress Mischief Managed - "Gryffin"

Gryffin is our pick male from Wynter and Macs litter in 2017. He is truly an amazing boy inside and out. He did incredibly well at dog shows as a young dog, taking at least winners dog every time he entered the ring, which left him only three points shy of his championship.

However; not all dogs are meant to be bred, so we made the incredibly difficult decision not to move forward with him as a breeding prospect. That said, Gryffin has solidified his position in our home as being my constant companion and greatest support. He is a wonderful boy who is a pleasure to live with.

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