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Devincourt Fortress Wilde Man

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Oscar is a stunning apricot brindle, who was bred by our dear friend, Tina Clement, of Devincourt Mastiffs. Oscar is one of those dogs that just feels like an old soul that you’ve known forever. He is such a smart, happy puppy who walked into our chaos and never batted an eye.

He is one of the most content Mastiffs I’ve ever had. He goes to doggie daycare a couple of days a week and gets along with wonderfully with everyone there. He loves his feline siblings and adores people of all ages. He acts just as happy to be dragged around in the car while I run errands, as he is to be playing with a pack of dogs, or just napping on the couch all day. It is few and far between to have such a mellow, go with the flow youngster. His temperament is outstanding.

Oscar has sired one litter, with our Stella, which resulted in a singleton boy – Archie.

We have decided that Oscar will not be made available for outside stud services.

D.O.B - December 5, 2018

AKC Registration Number - WS63248502 

Health Testing

Cardiac - TBD

CEAR Eye Certification - Normal

Hips - TBD

Elbows - Normal

DM - Clear

PRA - Clear

Cystinuria - Carrier (not affected)

Oscar's Pedigree

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