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Bolo RSVP Pending For Fortress


When I was about 16yrs old, I had a neighbor who owned a Bouvier named Ogg. I remember the first time I met him, he was sniffing and snorting at my door, and when I opened it – it looked like a bear! Ogg used to come in and hang out with me until his people called him home, and I fell in love. Life went on, and I obviously developed a life of all things Mastiff – but that big fuzzy guy was always in the back of my mind.

Then I met a lady through the shows, and our mutual love of Mastiffs…but little did I know, that lady also shared a love of Bouviers! Being around her lovely Bouv’s rekindled that feeling I had as a teenager, and she generously offered to co-own a gorgeous little girl who we named Moira.

Moira is an absolute riot, who does everything full throttle! She has quickly become my shadow, and I am completely in love with her naughty little self. It’s amazing how different she is from the Mastiffs in some ways, and how very similar in others!

Moira is being shown currently, and will continue into the 2023 show season.

I am eternally grateful to Sue Leitl, of Bolo Bouviers, for entrusting me with this amazing little girl!

D.O.B - April 15, 2022

CKC Registration Number - 

Health Testing

Cardiac - TBD

CEAR Eye Certification - TBD

Hips - TBD

Elbows - TBD

Moira's Pedigree

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