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Clover's Story ~ July 4, 2008 - July 12, 2019

Clover was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her front, right leg which resulted in the stunting of proper growth and development from the pastern down. Our vet, at the time, had immediately made the decision that Clover should be euthanized, claiming that her chances for quality of life were minimal at best. She insisted that amputation would be needed, along with many far more dramatic predictions. Ending a life is not a decision to be made in the spur of the moment, without knowing all there is to know about the condition behind the suggestion. What I did know, was that I'd seen many 3 legged dogs that get around just fine, and that this puppy deserved a chance to live. We ultimately decided that whatever could be done for her; would be, and we took her home fully prepared to do what was necessary to give her a good life.

The changes in Clover's leg during her first week of life were remarkable. When Clover turned 10 days old, we took her to The Care Center in Calgary to see an Orthopedic Specialist for a better idea of what to expect. Armed with pictures of her leg at birth, the Doctor was very pleased with her progress! She was a content, healthy puppy who was growing beautifully. She was to come back at 12wks of age for a more in depth examination and to take x-rays when the bones were sufficiently calcified to do so.

Clover was growing into a fun loving clown who was easily the spunkiest of her litter! She was a rambunctious, rowdy puppy ready to take on the world and had no troubles whatsoever keeping up to the pack. Her ever optimistic attitude was apparent at a very young age. Our whole family became completely smitten with her.

Clover was adopted by our very good friend, Jacquie. Jacquie went to the Canine Fitness Center for help and guidance to ensure healthy, safe development of her leg, while caring for the added strain caused to the rest of the joints and muscles. They helped with leg supports to manipulate proper growth in her leg, and to teach Clover how to use the limb efficiently. Clover tried water therapy and has the best nutritional supplements to assist with healthy bone development. To say the love and care she receives on a daily basis is phenomenal falls short to truly describe the dedication Jacquie has for her well being. Clover has thrived beyond what any of us expected or could have hoped for. Clover just loves life. She starts every day with such a happy, positive attitude that is inspirational to us all. Feeling sorry for herself has never been an option for our girl.

We are exceedingly grateful to Jacquie for the over the top care she gives our special girl.

Clover left us on July 12, 2019. For this girl to have made it past her 11th birthday is beyond all of our expectations. Clover lived the best life a dog could have with her mom, Jacquie, and her furry siblings. It would be impossible to explain the daily love and commitment that was poured into giving her a normal, happy life of daily walks, swims in the river, snuggling in for the night on her moms king sized bed, and just being loved beyond measure. We will never properly express the amount of gratitude that we have for our baby girl, who was told didn’t have a chance, to have lived such a full life. Jacquie – thank you, thank you, thank you. Clover could not have had a better mom.

Rest easy our sweet little shark. You’ve earned it.

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